John Blair Wells

John Blair Wells may be a business owner and leasing and mineral acquisition specialist, but describing his career would be inadequate to define the man. He is one of those individuals that doesn’t just sail through life, but explores each avenue of it. John Blair Wells is one of those people who embraces life rather than stumbles through it, looking for the next best challenge. One of these challenges comes in the form of competitive races that he loves to compete in. He is a learned man who is dedicated to learning the many arts of human intellect. Blair Wells is a polymathic man who explores every subject and discipline of humanity, ranging from philosophy to physics.Blair Wells, an entrepreneur in the oil and gas industry in Texas, enjoys traveling and all of the naturally-occurring benefits. He knows that traveling can expand your horizon in a plethora of ways that enriches both your personal and professional life, creating opportunities to hone problem-solving skills and resourcefulness. He is always looking forward to his next trip, and he encourages his clients and beyond to get out and see something new every so often.