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Owner of Bohonyi Landscaping in the United States

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John Bohonyi grew up as an adventurous kid who spent most of his free time with his brother playing outdoors. One thing they loved to do was play football with the other neighborhood kids. His friends would come stand in his driveway and yell "John Bohonyi, Football!" Then he and his brother would come out and join the others ready to play. This is how he developed a love for the outdoors. He also found a love for ATV Motorcross Racing.

After completing high school and earning recognition as a 1st team all county player in football, John Bohonyi went on to attend Fairleigh Dickinson University. Here, he continued to play football while studying business management.

John Bohonyi's football passion continues today. He loves watching both college football and the NFL. His favorite team is the New York Giants and he makes an effort to try to make at least one game every year.

Outside of football, John Bohonyi maintains interests in other outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, jet skiing, hiking, going to the beach and ATV motocross. ATV motocross has become one of John Bohonyi's favorite things to do and he has devoted a lot of time into the sport. He loves racing and riding through the trails and is always looking for new trails to explore all across the east coast.

Along with his love for the outdoors, John Bohonyi also holds great importance on health and fitness. To go along with his active lifestyle, he tries to keep up with a healthy balanced diet. He is always looking for new ways to improve his fitness to feel good and excel at the sports he has grown up loving.

John Bohonyi is also the owner of Bohonyi Landscaping in Trenton, NJ. Bohonyi landscaping specialize in lawn care, general landscaping design and maintenance, and handscaping. John and his team have over 10 years of experience making clients happy and their lawns stand out in their neighborhoods. His professional career in landscaping has helped him to directly master his business management skills.

Bohonyi Landscaping has been going strong in John's community for well over a decade. Now, John Bohonyi even shares tips, tricks and tools of the landscaping trade in his official blog series featuring the latest trends in lawn care 2023.Be sure to check it out!

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