John Brody Photography

A California based photographer who shoots mainly Landscapes, Travel and Beauty. Actually, just about any interesting subject matter has been known to trigger a shoot...

In the links below, is by far your best bet to find me, and Google+ in 2nd. If I'm online, that's where I'll be. The photo albums contain all of my photos, so feel free to visit and browse. The blogs are helpful if you want more detailed information on the images. Drop by for a visit, I look forward to hearing from you.

- Google+ - My Main Photo / Social Post Site

- SmugMug - My Photo Albums

By the way, the rest of the sites like Flickr, Pinterest, etc. are little used and were set up for people that wanted some of my images posted for their use - Feel free to visit them, but for up to date activity, Google+ and SmugMug are my homes... Enjoy!