John Chehak

Artist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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According to an online reviewer, "Native Iowan John Chehak is a masterful draftsman and painter, and is no stranger to mixed-media or three-dimensional work, either. His wide expanse of expertise and style make his artwork a treat to explore, and although initially fond of his realistic style, moments later I found myself falling in love with his highly impressionistic and cubist landscapes. Architectural shapes and forms (both realistic and abstract) make up most of Chehak’s Midwestern landscapes. Whether rolling hills, farms with bright red barns, or a twisted, dusty road, Chehak paints one heck of a picture of the Midwest—and in nearly every style you can imagine, to boot!"
Chait Galleries in Iowa City states, "Chehak takes the beautiful pastoral scenes so many Midwesterners are familiar with and transforms them to rich, geometric paintings. Though Chehak creates a wide variety of artwork, his Iowa landscapes create a deep connection with many of his viewers and keep alive their vision of rural America. Chehak’s acrylic landscapes showcase the expansive farmland of the Midwest, depicted in gentle, muted earth tones. The buildings and cropland are reduced to simple geometric forms, reminiscent of cubist paintings by Picasso and Braque. 'I'm particularly fond of the symmetry and beauty of buildings and other structures, both urban and rural,' says Chehak. Further enhancing the geometric quality of his work, he often splits an image into multiple canvases, producing a tiled painting that repeats the patchwork effect often found in his work." Kavanaugh Gallery in West Des Moines notes, "His muted colors and distinct choice of subject matter have attracted collectors throughout the nation...A self-taught artist, he paints in acrylics on canvas or paper, and has recently produced 3-dimensional works in mixed media."
Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he always knew he could paint and draw, but art was not his first career choice. Into his late 40s, after 25-plus years in a variety of businesses, Chehak rediscovered his passion and unleashed his artistic talents. 15-years later, Chehak's work has come full circle. Chehak is particularly fond of the symmetry and beauty of structures, both urban and rural. Chehak's Rooftops painting was selected as the January 2010 cover photo for JMCP magazine.

Currently, John and his wife Debbie can be found at juried art fairs throughout the Midwest. For personalized paintings call John at 319-899-6043.

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