John Cioffoletti

A passionate leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, John is the Chief Inspirational Officer of Valdez Creek Mining. An industry expert in the precious metals field, John served as the Chief Inspirational Officer of Royal Sovereign Bullion Group, a precious metals company specializing in wealth preservation through the ownership of physical gold and silver bullion. Following John’s vision, Royal Sovereign Bullion Group experienced stratospheric growth becoming one of the largest physical silver bullion dealers in the United States.

After 5 remarkable years with the RS Bullion team, John made the decision to leave in November 2013 and focus all of his passion and energy to the mining industry. John currently serves as the Chief Inspirational Officer for Valdez Creek Mining and Exploration in South Central, Alaska. The mission provides the opportunity to embark on a World Class Vision in one of the richest gold bearing districts in the world. The sole focus of John's time in Valdez Creek is to Lead and Grow an exceptional team without title.
Between 1984 and 2013 the Valdez Creek Mining District has produced well over one million ounces of placer gold with an outstanding definition of a major lode deposit.