John Cline

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What's missing in our lives?
What determines whether you follow through on making positive changes in your life?

maybe it's making a decision ?

But can't we make a decision and still not follow through?

We are motivated by the anxiety to move away from pain and the pleasure of moving towards happiness, we need to attach pain to our dis-empowering beliefs that if we don't change It's really gonna hurt!

We as a people are 10 to 20 percent heavier in body weight than 10 years ago we as a species are feeding and drugging ourselves to an excess because we work ourselves to the point of exhaustion and we are working so hard just to catch up and enjoy our abundance

We even at our poorest live better than the kings of ancient times we can communicate and travel faster , more comfortably than that the kings of old could only dreamed of

We work so hard making certain everybody else is happy that we don't take time for ourselves

There is more opportunity to achieve more than ever before, yet most people feel disenchanted and unfulfilled

Take a minute

don't multi task, don't focus on work, don't , don't just relax, close your eyes and focus on you
you deserve it

John Edward

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