John Luna

John Luna attended Suffolk County Community College in New York. Since then, he has been working in the field of construction. As a day laborer, John Luna is experienced with all aspects of residential and commercial construction, including clearing land and preparing materials, and is skilled in accurately calculating volume, area, and other key measurements. He knows how to safely operate stonecutters, crushers, and concrete mixers in addition to other hazardous tools, and is able to lift heavy objects over 50 pounds without assistance. Over the course of his career in construction, Mr. Luna has developed an ability to troubleshoot and resolve problems that arise with complicated machinery and tools. John Luna enjoys working with others to achieve goals and meet deadlines. He cites his interpersonal skills as "excellent" and maintains a professional demeanor on the job. Mr. Luna's co-workers often turn to him for advice on how to use different tools and perform tasks. In addition, Mr. Luna likes to see the results of his hard work take shape in the form of a building. Above all, he enjoys challenging work that enables him to use his expertise in the construction field. Mr. Luna has the ability to work under pressure with ease; he notes that deadlines help him focus and prioritize his tasks, so the job gets done efficiently and quickly. He is not bothered by heights or deep trenches and enjoys the challenge of taking on tough work. John Luna's last employment was with the company DLG Construction, based in Hempstead, New York. He started working for the company in 2004.