John Conway

I'm verbose, but I'm still kinda feeling this one out. I used to be a Flight Attendant, and a student, and a waiter (Searched a thesaurus for "Slacker" and pursued all of those positions). I have a wonderful sister and nephews and a wonderful albeit challenging extended family. I've lived in San Francisco, Seattle, MacKay (Queensland), Detroit and Portland (I'll gush about Portland- give me the opportunity).

I am enthusiastically gay, and out in most contexts. I've also been HIV positive since 1985 (My sister calls me a medical miracle). Although it affects my life in more ways than I'd like, I'm anxious that it not be my whole world. Who wants to be constantly regarded as a patient? I'm kinda blind. So I'm living on disability but would love to find something either rewarding or lucrative to do. Both would be exemplary. I volunteer at the Cascade Aids Project now. in the Oregon HIV/STI hotline, as well as the CAP Speaker's Bureau. Im hoping that revisions will come soon. To this page and its subject..

Activism seems ro make sense. I did it for my Flight Attendant union, and it always seems to be part of my thinking. Why CAN'T I marry the man I love (position not filled)? Why does most of Christianity feel it's their right to impose their morality and deem parts of the population second class citizens? So many gay teens have been convinced that these monsters are right, and chosen the path that our society has urged them to. Like so many others, I wish I could've talked to them.

You can't talk me into believing in a god who hates me. I wish they hadn't. Rest in peace.

More soon....