John Craig

1969: Life began and men landed on the moon.

1977: Second grade: First music teacher, drum lesson, he always called us girls. Never forgot his teaching.

1982: Seventh grade: Picked up the guitar and got good at sports (finally), well not very good just not embarrassingly bad.

1984: Ninth grade: First band called "The Blast", and it was. Grew hair, made parents proud.

1987: Graduated High School, my parents proved the power of prayer.

1989: Meet Jesus and said "hi", read a lot of Nietzsche.

1991: Understood Nietzsche, some of it. Had "The College Bar-Band", wrote really bad poetry and song lyrics, great period of my life but not even close to the best period.

1993: Met Buddha, asked him "where did you get those sandals", he responded "walk right down that middle path over there".

1994 – 2000: Took a lot of photos, traveled the country and survived Y2K.

1996: Given a dog as a gift, Kiani, the best spiritual teacher ever.

2001: Put out first CD with Sarah Wilkins. Played a lot of coffee houses, churches and festivals, discovered that red wine and coffee are my drugs of choice.

2002: Introduced to Elizabeth, breathed air for the very first time.

2003: Put out first and only instrumental CD.

2004: Married Elizabeth, proving the power of prayer to myself.

2005: Craig Photography became a husband and wife team, best lifestyle, economical, decision ever. "E" and I rock as a team. Went to Italy, brought back a bean.
In October of 2005 I was told that I have a progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis, while also being diagnosed with Devics Disease a few years later.
2006: Elizabeth gave birth to the "Bean", we call her Ella. The "E –Team came alive.

2011: Dedicated myself to help others lead a life filled with health, creativity, simplicity infused with the "heart of a servant" and the "strength of a fighter"...and that takes practice.
Present: Smile all the time, best period of my life so far......