John Crawley

Designer, Project Manager, and Consultant in Montreal, Québec, Canada

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I am in the field of Event Technical Production, with over 27 years of experience. I have an eye for details with the ability to bringing every client’s unique vision to life. I truly love what I do.

I have been recognized and appreciated for my skills to communicate information clearly and precisely. I have a knack for anticipating problems and preventing them and the ability to resolve the unpredictable with a calm demeanour, a sought-after skills in this field where timing is critical to success. The warm reception I receive at event sites reflects the level of trust and confidence clients and colleagues place in me, which is very important to me.

For any event, I am actively involved with all its aspects - from the technical design, proposal costing and budget breakdown, to the execution, monitoring and crisis management. My clients consider me their go-to guy because of my abundant enthusiasm for technical design and execution. My specialty is the technical design and implementation in unique environments.

In my free time, I bike, play basketball, golf and learn judo. I enjoy going to live football (CFL) games, I am also a sci-fi enthusiast and I love computers (anything “Apple” is higher) and tech gadgets.