John Cresswell-Plant

Carer in Pelsall, United Kingdom

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As I said in my original Biography, I am a late achiever as was one of my heroes President Harry S. Truman


1997, Brief Spell in Elected (Public) Office;

1998, Mature Student;

1999, Engaged;

2001, Married;

2004, Start of Successful Career (Full-Time Unpaid Carer!);

2006, Honoured for Carer Role;

2007, Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome;

2011, Reclassified as "Asperger's Syndrome deemed High Function Autism" (owing to the nature of my Presentation)

At 49, along with Katie (my wife) I accepted an invitation to join The Friends of Pelsall Commons


At 50, I returned to Disability Activism; a few months later, my Asperger's Syndrome was reclassified to High Function Autism. To cap "50", The Friends of Pelsall Commons appointed me as its 2012 Coordinator to work with other local groups over celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee & the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games; this led to me being Interim Chairman of the Steering Group that became Commemoration Pelsall 2012 (now Legacy Pelsall). At 51, I was elected Chairman of Commemoration Pelsall 2012; this was followed a few months later with my being elected as Chairman of The Friends of Pelsall Commons.

All I can say is "Don't ask me how it's happened - I've absolutely no idea!"

  • Work
    • Full-time Unpaid Carer
  • Education
    • Portland College, Nottinghamshire
    • Walsall College of Technology
    • Brownhills Comprehensive School