John DeTitta

Artist, Writer, and Director in New York

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John DeTitta has been involved with business development, sales, marketing and film production for the last 30 years. During this time, John has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Entertainment Companies and some of the most well known film producers in the industry. John has had articles in various worldwide organizations including the NY Times, Wall St Journal, Nikkei Stock Exchange and Variety and many more.

Over the years John DeTitta has taken products ranging from cardboard chairs to food products and built a huge marketing and sales campaign that within months, built major companies. John has been on top and scrapping the bottom. Through it all he realized that it's all part of the journey and no matter were you are in life, you still got to sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you can't handle failure and move on, then you can never grow as a person or individual and become what you have been made to become. That's not easy to accept or explain, it just has to happen. It's an unbelievable feeling to overcome an obstacle and look back and see where you were prior to overcoming it and realizing that is your willpower and strength that got you there.

Today, John focuses his time on his music, writing and composes songs. He continues in his efforts to support artists through Feed The Arts, a company founded to keep the arts thriving. It creates new, free, and exciting opportunities for people to contribute to an Artist’s project or campaign by donating their TIME rather than money. DeTitta and everyone at Feed The Arts firmly believe that all artists deserve to have a shot at fulfilling their dreams without begging for money.

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