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My full name is Benjamin Nelson Diego John however, I am simply known as John Diego. I have a past like everyone else and have learnt a lot from those my past. I always believe in thinking BIG and POSITIVE. I am a very friendly person who has never believed in impossibilities. I behold some very strong principles and great believes. And through experience, life has taught me some vital and important truths which I hold so dear like a treasure. And as I walk through life every single day, my MIND tends to attract lots of opportunities and great ideas which will soon be seen to the world very soon. Life has taught me to always see positivity in every negativity. I believe and know that I am born to make an impact and to create a difference on this planet. I believe that as long as I live here on this planet, the world must be a better place for my generation and for the generation behind me.

I have a special kind of passion for motivating, inspiring, lifting, enlightening, improving, developing and helping people towards the realization of their ultimate goals and purpose. I am the founder and CEO of Great Minds Great Thinkers International – a multi-purpose establishment aimed at writing non-fiction motivational and inspirational books, motivational speaking and offering innovative, motivational and inspirational solutions to personal and emotion problems to lives all over the globe at an affordable cost.I am currently working on three books which all promises to hit the market soon: Wisdom for Successful Living; Obstacles Don't Have to Stop You; and Thoughts from the Well of Wisdom which I am co-authoring a very wise friend and sister of mine: Deborah J. Carey. Connect to my free motivational message on my group on facebook – Group Name: Great Minds, Great Thinkers!

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