John Dockendorf

Teacher, Director, and Recruiter in Hendersonville, NC, USA

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Dockendorf made his mark early in college. The University of Vermont graduate spent the 1970s cramming for numerous classes. Dockendorf, like many others seeking careers and pathways in leisure and park administration, found himself working for several professors as assistant. The next decade saw Dockendorf earn a Master of Management, Hospitality from Cornell University and a School of Hotel Administration degree in 1992, among other accomplishments. Dockendorf was also the student body president and recipient of the John E.H. Sherry Scholarship at Cornell.

It gets personal when you develop an institution that lasts over 30 years. John Dockendorf is one of them. Adventure Treks Inc., a well-known teen outdoor program, ran for 28 years under his direction. Over 25 countries have sent representatives to Dockendorf's program and initiative. Experiences and adventures in some of the best untamed natural locations of the United States, Alaska, and Canada.