John Dennis Thottam

Kochi, India

I'm a technology enthusiast, hardcore gamer, answer seeker, history lover and a person who likes to make nd break stuffs to know more about it. As IT sector is booming , the demand for skills are all time high. So I decided to go off the syllabus and try out web designing, game development ( Unreal engine 4 ) etc to perfect myself as a skilled professional. Also attended many seminars about e-commerce , CMS (content management systems) which were organised by my college as well as by other colleges. Special thanks to IEEE for exciting workshops which further perfected my skills in photoshops , User Interface designing , User experience etc and it also helped me to connect with fellow students with common interests and professionals alike.

I'm always passionate about volunteering for a good cause. Thereby I am honoured to take up some important roles in the events hosted by my college

--Dept. Coordinator for college techfest (BODHI 2k14)

--Web Team Lead for designing website for college techfest and arts fest ( BODHI 2k14 & DRISHYA 2k15)

--IN-charge for designing LIVE SCOREBOARD SYSTEM for DRISHYA 2K15(for displaying realtime scores of each team at arts fest)

--Event coordinator for college techfest (BODHI 2k13)

From my experience I have learned that Strong WILL POWER , HARCORE DETERMINATION and TEAMWORK is everything. Take care of your team , take some sacrifice for their welfare and win their respect. Rest assured no matter how difficult the task is , it will be resolved.


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    • Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology, Vazhakulam