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John Edward

Psychic Medium in New York

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While psychic medium John Edward is best known through his television shows and books, he also speaks and reads for individual clients and live audiences that number in the thousands. His personal touch and gentle, honest humor have made him the United States’ most popular psychic medium and an influential international speaker. John Edward gives talks that can accommodate any budget and appeal not only to devoted fans, but the casually curious as well.

Ticket prices for John Edward’s largest events of 1,000 people or more begin at $49 per person. Held around the country and elsewhere in the English-speaking world, these live seminars last two hours and do not include an intermission. Sessions include a lecture, question-and-answer session, and psychic readings. A seminar with John Edward is an excellent way for the curious to learn more about psychic and metaphysical phenomena. For those interested in something slightly more intimate, he also offers Live Group Events with an attendance of 400 to 700 guests.

Visitors to Las Vegas may opt for one of John Edward’s Other Side of Vegas VIP sessions, where 200 VIP guests each receive a signed copy of one of his books and a photo opportunity. After the meet and greet, attendees experience a two-hour live event.

For even more intimate and exciting events, fans must sign up for John Edward’s free e-mail newsletter. Because smaller events sell out quickly, they are not posted on the general website. These intimate events include the John Edward & Friends Intimate Event and Small Intimate Group, each of which accommodates fewer than 100 attendees. The Friends event is five hours long and features two hours with John Edward, two hours with one of his psychic medium colleagues, and a one-hour intermission.

Finally, Mr. Edward offers private readings for fewer than 15 people at a time and true private readings for up to 5 people. The cost of a private reading is $750 for the first person and $100 for each additional person. The readings may occur in person at his Long Island, New York, office or remotely by telephone. Although guests at private readings may not make audio or video recordings, they are encouraged to take notes. Reservations for private readings have been booked for the next two years. When additional readings become available, guests who have expressed an interest in receiving them will be selected randomly.