John Gray

I was born in Niagara Falls, NY from Marj and John Gray. Growing up, we moved frequently. From NY, we moved to Meriden, CT and then on to Schaumburg, IL. From there, we headed to South Hampton, PA, to Gibsonia, PA, and finally to Strongsville, OH in 1982. I attended and graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. With a fresh BA in Communications, I headed out into the work force. I got jobs with Commodore Business Machines, Industrial Video in Lorain, OH, EDR Systems in Beachwood, OH, Cleveland Corporate Services in Cleveland, and finally Jones Day, a law firm also in Cleveland. In 2010 I became disabled due to rheumatoid arthritis and recurring anemia. I married Rosanna Skobel in 1997 and we had two children - Logan, age 8 and Evan, age 6. They joined their step-siblings, Joe Skobel, now 20 and Harley Skobel, 15. I'm currently trying to enjoy life with the realities of living with a chronic and crippling disease and raising children at the same time.