John Eisenhauer

I am currently writing Rati: Book I. This first novel – and the inevitable sequels – combine quirky humor, tragedy, violence, philosophy and erotica. It tells the story of Rati V: she rises to become a celebrated film maker.Her films combines humor, surrealism, Quentin Tarantino style gore, choreography and her life's philosophy. This first book deals with a pre-fame period. It is told in first person: different vignettes are narrated by one of the central characters (Rati, Jaime, Linda, Suze, Mike and Dan). I’ve attempted to give the different characters unique narration styles: this is meant to give insights into their personalities. Also in Book I, the 'bad guy's' story is told in third person: a combination of book excerpts and news articles. The central conceit is that the three books are written by the aforementioned group of central characters as a combination autobiography and novelization. The books are written around the year 2050 as Rati's film career is fading. Read Chapter 1 for free (See Link below). Also below, is a link to a Face Book Page where I am making a running commentary of the writing process. It is meant to make a solidary pursuit interactive. Scroll down slightly to the URL links.