John Ernesto Inong

Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines

Great undertakings coming in for our gentlemen, John Ernesto. Fondly called Inong by many, he firmly maintains a great and ideal sense of possibilities rather than probabilities by embracing risk as something necessary in a man’s life. Inong often spurns rigid labels as a snob lad, a debonair and sometimes the man for life, but is unapologetic about his many sides and how he chooses to manifest and celebrate them. More than coming to school to make the most out of his stay, Inong expanded his boundaries, defied definition and did it all while simultaneously accepting his individuality which spelled all the difference.He is known to be a portrait of a no non-sense man- a perfect epitome of substance and sense. This claim was earned by Inong from the many affiliations he is into. Inong has proven him an artist never running out of unsullied ideas which may seem unfamiliar for usual minds.

  • Work
    • Marketing Assistant
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Marketing Management