John M. Freeborn


Accepting U.S. and International Projects: [Networked in over 100 Countries]
Export/Import Business Development, International and U.S. Business Funding, Foreign Direct Investment, Int'l and U.S. JV & Partnership Development, Small Business Development & Funding, Commercial & Industrial Project Funding, M&As, Project Management & Development, Project Due Diligence, Business Plan Analysis, Business Acquisitions & Sale, IPO's, Restructuring, and E&C Level Consulting & Management


Agriculture, Automotive, Aviation, Bio-Tech, Chemical Production, Commercial R.E. Assessment and Development, Education, Diesel Power, Energy Production, Environmental, Hospitality, Marine, Mass Transit, Medical, Military, Mining, Railroads, Renewable Energy and Utilities. GSA & Military contracting and specification development. International Contracting - Bidding - Proposal and Development.

NOTE on Funding Proposals:

STEP 1: Send an Executive Summary and Power Point Presentation to: The Power Point Presentation must follow the "How to Pitch to Investors With 13 Slides in Under 10 Minutes" format which is viewable on my page links below. Limit your Executive Summary to 2-3 pages.

STEP 2: If my team has interest, we will follow up immediately with a phone call, email or LinkedIn message to discuss your project, the NDC/NDA docs and Agreements necessary for review and development of your project. If we have no interest, you will also receive follow up advising you of our decision and possible next steps for your project.

No up front fees to review your project submission. We are paid at the time of closing or commissioning on projects accepted for funding. Brokers and referrals are protected.