John Garbutt

I spent much of my college career exploring ideas that would ordinarily be identified as unrelated to musical pursuit. The intricacies of central philosophical ideas embodied (and still occupy) a large part of my mental processes. Questions like “who am I”, “Where did everything come from”, and “is there an overarching purpose to my existence” dominated my mental and physical existence, causing me to travel through several majors (including physics and philosophy) before finally arriving at music.

To me, identity isn’t an autobiography; nobody can really tell you who they are. That’s why music is so great! I find that momentary expression, however fleeting, is much more real than any amount of words. Music became a home for me because I began to realize that everything I did, soul-searching included, was a form of expression. It became a source of meditation and communication for me, taking me to points of existence far away from the associations and identities that I have always used language to ascribe to things. Using music, I believe I am getting one step closer to what it means to truly exist, as well as what it means to understand myself.

John (/Fred) Garbutt is currently a gigging jazz pianist in the O.C. and L.A. area. He has an Associates and Bachelors Degree in Jazz Piano Studies. He teaches both guitar and piano in the O.C area, and is currently working as a music instructor for Music Factory, where he teaches all ages guitar and piano lessons.