John Gessin

Reno, NV

Currently a graduate student at the University of Reno, John Gessin is pursuing a Masters degree in Information System Technology. John Gessin returned to school to advance his already promising career in the Information Technology field. He has spent eight years building his skills in project planning, local and remote personnel and asset management, best practices implementation, change management during large scale relocations, and disaster recovery and contingency planning. He has worked as an information technology department manager and consultant and has high-level experience with network engineering and multi-OS environment leadership.

Striving to maintain his place on the cutting edge of the IT field, John Gessin holds numerous professional affiliations. He is a member of the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses, the Association of Information Technology Professionals, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, the Society of Information Technology Management, and the Cisco Networking Professionals Connection. l

  • Work
    • Social Media Strategist
  • Education
    • Harvard University Extension