John Harold Browne

A first generation American born to Irish immigrants, John Harold Browne grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, with 10 older siblings. After high school, John Harold Browne attended Ohio University, where he maintained a 3.95 grade point average. Subsequently, he enrolled at the Jesuit institution John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio. The recipient of multiple athletic scholarships, John Harold Browne played as a captain of the school’s football team, the John Carroll University Blue Streaks, and helped to earn the team a win at the 1995 Ohio Athletic Conference Championship game. After earning his degree, John Harold Browne personally experienced problems involving debt and predatory lending practices. He imparts the lessons he learned through that in his role today as President of The Financial Freedom Center. Based out of Lake Worth, Florida, The Financial Freedom Center and John Harold Browne assist people in cutting their debt by at least half and restoring their credit. Able to shrink debt significantly by negotiating with creditors, John Harold Browne also stops illegal creditor harassment by invoking the policies of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Committed to the success of his clients, John Harold Browne and staff at the Financial Freedom Center make calls every 10 days to customers regarding status updates; give clients the option to check their accounts online; and for a minimal fee, provide financial mentors who help customers establish a realistic budget that will enable them to become debt-free. John Harold Browne enjoys weight training, fencing, and running when not eliminating debt for his clients or managing his staff. An avid reader, John Harold Browne often peruses the works of Jack Higgins, Brad Thor, John Maxwell, and Robert Ludlum.