John Hinds

"Born in a cold, snowy, southern Minnesota valley, John always had an interest in the arts and computer technology. His love of the arts was encouraged by his Grandmother, while his interest in technology was guided by his Grandfather. These past interests merged as John studied Graphic Design and Web Development in college. Now John works as an independent web consultant in Chicago

Yet it wasn't always so. John also spent time as a squad leader with First Marine Regiment. He had a job as an Assaultman. This job trained him to hunt tanks and enemy fortifications so he could destroy them with powerful rockets and explosives. This occupation was very dangerous and John almost lost his life a few times. Once when a rocket exploded on his shoulder and again when a rocket hit the ground next to him. Additionally he participated in the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, becoming one of the First to fight in that region.

Now John enjoys quieter times, designing websites and enjoying nice walks along the shores of Lake Michigan in the great city of Chicago.