John Morris

Business Development Specialist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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What's the most exciting tech-based opportunity for any firm today?

It's where Internet of Things ("IoT") meets real business opportunity.

IoT: Inexpensive sensors and edge intelligence. But "business semantics"? That's common business ideas systematically defined. Business semantics should be a "first-class citizen" of technology. Then your business ideas can be "built-in” to your software & you can reach your business goals faster. No waiting for IT!

BUSINESS SEMANTICS FOR IOT: BPM process software can be a starting point for IoT. Beyond BPM, business semantics includes AI, ML, business rules, analytics, ontology, MDM etc.

MY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FOCUS: Bringing game-changing and breakthrough tech to market is the focus of my business development work with vendors, users, and especially partners, in both COTS and open source worlds.

MY TECH EXPERIENCE: Business semantics tech is latest stage in the software arms race. I've been part of this race starting with enterprise RAD & low-code, MDM, middleware and SOA tech sales, and then to business development for BPM, business rules, analytics, MDM and the IoT (Internet of Things).

MY BUSINESS EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION: I've had exciting roles and contributed to my team's successes at IDC, DEC, Magic, Oracle, Intalio & Bosch and since 2012, multiple technology startups. My experience ties together business services, field services, mobile workforce, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain-related financial services, analytics and sales & marketing automation.

Interestingly, my first exposure to supply chain management was during University (Honours Bachelor of Commerce from University of Toronto) as supervisor of a 3PL contract warehouse. I also worked for a year on an oil drilling rig where I learned about hard work, people, sensors & systems, participated in a round of fracking - and was on a crew that hit oil twice.

QUOTE: "There's a bright future for channels. Because that's where the trusted domain knowledge is -- and for most vendors, that's the only way to scale."

CALL TO ACTION: The emergence of more powerful business semantic tech is changing the business landscape. Let's see how we can put these technologies to work for breakthrough results!