John Hoda

John Hoda is a Certified Legal Investigator (CLI), one of only 74 in the World, and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). He is also a Licensed Professional Investigator and is the Region One Director with the National Association of Legal Investigators. He is published in National Magazines on the topic of "Interviewing and Investigations" and has been a conference speaker and trainer since 1983.

John Hoda started working as a police officer and then transisitioned to a fraud investigator for a major insurance company. He later decided to become a fulltime private investigator.

At International Missing Heir Finders, John Hoda and his team combine genealogical research with the skills of private investigation, forging a trail of discovery. Their special recipe for success begins with the best ingredients; cutting edge databases and old-fashioned shoe leather. They blend in exact measures of genealogy and investigative know-how and top it off with a generous portion of intuitive analytical skills.

In addition, John Hoda is the author of the book Phantasy Baseball: It's About a Second Chance. He is a diehard Phillies fan, which provided inspiration to his book.