John Kalu

Public Speaker in Lagos, Nigeria


In August 2016, I had an idea. My idea was not to create an app that lets you sell your birthright or to make baseball sounds like fun- or even invent a golden toilet brush. My idea was I had an idea- an idea I want to write a book about.

Days after conducting my first research for peripheral information, I found this was something I was excited about. So I began gathering data to support my idea. I wondered, out of straightforward interest, why someone had not written about them? The world is full of these guys- people who are determined to be themselves. People who feel it's law of their lives to shape the world, radically enforcing their ideas on the world. They are formidably energetic, ready to take a gamble, forward-thinkers, decisive, charming and beautifully gifted. They are the millennial generation. I call them the lazy generation.

My book is about millennials shaping the world. This generation is one that has been paraded as being lazy, selfish and entitled. I strongly believe such perception is clearly unrealistic and thus implicitly based on upon false perception. I also believe millennials often come around with a touch of ingenuity, and with their minds bubbling with bright ideas. Although there is considerable substance to this argument- especially ones powered by data- I still try to argue. Take Evan Spiegel for example, it is on the cliff of his brilliance that Snapchat has become a tech behemoth. And there are a bunch of these guys, like Luckey Palmer and Kelvin Doe, with tendency to see the world differently, included in the book.

So I have done with the book is turn the tables on how this generation is perceived and systematically assemble information that identifies the essential element of their successes.

The great bulk of the book is focused on entrepreneurs. I even made a potentially vexing inclusion of the Kardashians sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Giving them a who chapter, I constructed a branding curve to bridge their stories. Looking back, it is easy to point to them as being famous for nothing... and their fascination for materialism, excessive exhibition and irrational exuberance. But, frankly, they are as brainy as they are prominent (Side eye). They are an exemplar of the power of the internet.

In a nutshell, my message with the book is not merely to give credit to people with unparalleled imagination, but also to shatter any false perception conceived of this generation o