John Kaweske

Biodiesel Consultant and Entrepreneur in Colorado Springs, CO

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John Kaweske is a Colorado-based entrepreneur and biodiesel professional. He founded Bio Clean Energy in early 2004 while living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Bio Clean Energy is a government-authorized producer of high-quality biodiesel. Using natural ingredients such as sunflower and corn oils, they are able to create a safe, non-harmful source of clean energy.

John Kaweske's passion for environmentalism and desire to be a positive influence on the world drives him to continue to develop new ways to make his company and the world a more environmentally friendly place.

By helping society to switch to renewable energy sources, John Kaweske is doing his part to decrease our unacceptable reliance on fossil fuels. While in the past, renewable energy sources were never seen as a viable alternative to fossil fuels due to our rate of consumption and the ability of renewable energy to provide power for that consumption, times have since changed.

With incredible new advancements in the solar and wind power industries, alternative energy is emerging in its own right as a dominant sector of the economy. John is thrilled to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with a product that is not only gaining in popularity, but is also good for the world as a whole.

Starting his own company, especially in a foreign country, was no easy task. Using meditation and principles of mindfulness, John Kaweske was able to stay focused on his mission and build a thriving company from the ground up. He continues to practice meditation to this day, crediting the ancient practice with allowing him the fortitude and perspective necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.

In 2018, John Kaweske and Bio Clean Energy, S.A. announced that they had won a $36 million biodiesel supply contract from Bolivia Government Oil Companies.

By focusing on the present moment, John Kaweske has paved the way for future success and cannot be happier to have done so. With his finger on the pulse of the renewable energy industry and his mind in the present moment, John Kaweske has developed a prestigious reputation as a renowned and well-rounded business executive.

In 2020, John Kaweske acquired a patent for Methods, Systems, Apparatuses and Devices for Facilitating Provisioning of an Audit Data Corresponding to a Biological Target Matter. He did so through his medical cannabis company, TweedLeaf.

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