John Kaywell

Now retired and pursuing art and music, John Kaywell worked at Smith Barney from 1983 until 2009. Over more than two and a half decades in the job, John Kaywell rose to become a Vice President in Brokerage, during which time he worked with clients in a variety of capacities to help them manage and grow their investments. Often, this meant working with clients to set long- and short-term goals, plan for taxes, and diversify their portfolios.

Along with this highly specialized, intrapersonal, and technical work, John Kaywell contributed his skills as a wordsmith at Smith Barney. The byline on the Smith Barney Mutual Funds booklet, “Your Serious Money. Professionally Managed.” is his creation. After leaving Smith Barney in 2009, John Kaywell began devoting his time to music and painting. A classically trained musician, John Kaywell studied Arranging and Composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. The transition back into the music world was an easy one for John Kaywell, not only because of this educational foundation, but also because the talented guitarist had a career in music before he entered the financial business realm.

A member of the band Mr. Mister, John Kaywell has been making music professionally since the 1970s. Not only did he play with well-known bands, John Kaywell has also recorded an album of spiritual music called “Above the Clouds” that is still sold in stores. John Kaywell is currently recording a rock and roll album called, “The Kaywells…Fathers and Brothers” with his brother Jerry.