John Kruer

Kentucky, United States

John kruer :invisible tax that the poor pay so much in France

In France they say : Politicians wringing their chubby little fingers from years of good food paid on the back of increasingly scarce taxpayers do not understand why the ras - tax bowl is so great. Mike John Kruer after all, taxes are not so high! In fact , they forgot cohort invisible taxes they have already rained .

The situation is indeed unambiguous. Already , the state requires all-out : difficult to escape the downpour punctures as the government has demonstrated inventiveness. Even the Americans are surprised rhythm and fields of application of this delirious taxation.

Obviously, this frenetic taxation reflects gargantuan government spending. France recently broke a record in the field : growth is back, except that it is the government spending. Mike John Kruer Those who pay would probably have gone from such a performance.

And in addition , the State spends lavishly . Even literally , as when the Court of Auditors tries to totals, she finds herself confronted with putrid backwater thousands of commissions , agencies and institutions that suck breasts in public without actually possible to know exactly how ; it finds such that it becomes difficult if not impossible to know the exact number of employees dependent on public finances directly . The precise number of staff is thus the subject of intense debate both its vagueness is great ; I do not mention the staff of National Education which estimates are always given to nearly 10,000 , which secures orders of magnitude foutage of mouth that became public accounts.

The French were so well integrated that incredible determination to always increase, Mike John Kruer the sphere of the state caused an irrefutable need dough by large wheelbarrow .

Small to small , when public debate is not obscured by the necessary stances of each other on the fate of an alleged alleged - schoolgirl - Kosovo , the people wondered about the painful issue of the cursor tax : a little more or a little less or a little more? Admittedly, this is an improvement because if we are still far from questioning the size of the state itself , at least some , without