John Lauber

Exton, Pennsylvania

Hi! I'm John.

I believe in keeping things simple.

I believe in stability, in consistency, in things that are timeless, and in the things that really matter.

I've spent most of my life in Exton, Pennsylvania. Exton is my home. It's where I grew up, it’s where I went to school--I'm a graduate of Salesianum High School and Scranton University--and it’s where still live today. If I have my way, I’ll grow to be a very old man, right here in the place that holds my heart in its hands.
Exton is a small town about 30 miles west of Philadelphia. It's a great place to work, a great place for my kids, a place where I can escape to the rolling hills and breathe lungfuls of fresh air or, if the mood strikes, jaunt off to Philly to take in the city. It's a great place to eat, sip, and enjoy ... it's simply a great place to live.

This place, the place that's always felt like home, is the perfect place for me, for my family, and for my business.

This is a place that fuels my creativity and my zest for life.

It's where I create new content for my clients. It's where I can expand my horizons. It's where I dream up and experiment with new recipes (peek into my backyard at any time of the year and you're likely to find me nurturing a new creation under the lid of my Big Green Egg or into my kitchen, where I might be making pralines or something exotic like Kimchi).

Exton is where I channel my energies (I can often be found swinging kettlebells 'round just for pleasure or astride the saddle of my bike, pedaling along my town's highways and byways) and where I rest my head at the end of the day. It's where I spend time with my kids and where my heart swells when I hear the crack of a baseball bat or breathe in the smell of freshly cut grass in springtime.

The reasons I stay here are many, and the list grows each day. And it's why I seeded and have chosen to grow my business here.

This is home. This is, to me, the place that matters. This is my place, my hope, my home.

There's a reason I chose the name Little Lauber Designs.

It's not just that we're in a small town. We are. It's not just that we're small. We're that, too! And it's certainly not that we think "little." Quite the contrary. It's that we're all about keeping the focus on what matters. It's because we're a small business that understands the needs of your small business. We keep things simple and value qualit

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