John Gavin

Military Resume: TSG Gavin, Johnny L USAF Retired A Native of Tampa, Florida, TSGT Gavin entered the Air Force in 1971, Transfer to the Reserves in 1975 with no time loss, took a break in service in 1979, and re-entered the Air Force Air National Guard Base in Syracuse, New York in 1990. His background includes various duties in Medical and Electronics Maintenance; John Worked at different wing, numbered AirForce and major command Levels. He served in the Armed Forces a total of 23 years. TSGT Gavin retired in 2003 and Currently lives in New York and travels to Tampa Florida in the Winter. TSG Gavin served in the Armed Forces, tours stateside in support of Vietnam, 9/11 , Gulfwar/War on Terrorism. Inter-graded into the OSHA Consultant program through the Air Force; Worked as a Consultant doing workplace audits, military bases, maritime industries to include shipyard workers, construction, hospitals. To include ,FEMA, and EPA.

Safety OSHA Trainer: John L Gavin Retired Military and OSHA Safety Training expert . John Gavin began his training career in Safety with the Air Force. John works on site with both general contractors and subcontractors, performs site inspections, writes and reviews company and site-specific Safety and Health Programs, and has helped companies through OSHA inspections. In his 20 years of training experience, John has remained one of the most sought-after instructors with his cutting-edge style and techniques that keep his class participants involved and excited to learn. In 2005, he has traveled throughout the United States Providing safety training in English and Spanish. In 2010 John has been involved in helping the New agency- ,the Oil platforms in the oceans stay in accordance with OSHA standards. Presently, John spends the majority of his time consulting and teaching for the construction industry in the TampaBay area in Florida..