John L. Goldberg

John L. Goldberg is the Principal Consultant and founder of JL Goldberg & Associates and the chief photographer for John Goldberg Photography.

John has a strong background in training program, workshop and seminar development, delivery and facilitation. He is an accomplished public speaker and the director of the ASTD Golden Gate Chapter South Bay.

In addition to his training work, John has an extensive history of leadership and management accomplishments in manufacturing, operations, materials and supply chain management. He has worked for large and small companies in Silicon Valley including Intel and Applied Materials as well as a start-up operation.

As a professional photographer, John has captured the incredible beauty of our environment in his images for more than thirty years. His photographs showcase deserts, mountains, forests and coastlines along with the plants, insects and animals that inhabit them. In recent years, he has included the California coastal urban environment in his work.

His work has appeared in many publications, been the basis of a television show on monarch butterflies and has been showcased in programs for the California State Parks

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