John hill (John the Achiever)

Ambitious Entrepreneur allergic to working for anyone but myself. Ambitious young entrepreneur. I have two boys. John Jr and Joshua they are my everything. I'm a driver which means I'm in control of what my future brings. I'm here to service the many, I have a responsibility to my creator. My story is quite unique i didn't grow up poor,but the environment was crime,violence and gangs. My dad had a idea to save and move to a place called sachse texas. Where i met new friends and started a new beginning. So i started to be around positive people and a positive environment. I worked my butt off at a friends construction company doing 80hrs a week for almost a decade. I was invited to my first work from home presentation and instantly new this is what i wanted to do. I mean who doesn't want to eat where-ever they want wake up at noon and travel the world. So long story short i lost everything trying to be a entrepreneur i had successes but mostly failures. I wanted to teach myself the value of a dollar so i checked into a homeless shelter.Of course i could of easily went to my mom or dad's house relatives etc. I didn't i checked in which took hours and i was entered into a system and start learning the rules right away lol i started to think it was similar to jail, which it was.I was in the men's level which had like 200 beds and open showers you even had to check-in to use the iron for your clothes.I started to pick peoples brain that were in the shelter and really learned some great principles about life. Then i left after a week and start working like a machine, oh did i mention i got a job while i was at the homeless shelter in the same week without a car or much money. That just proves people can do what they think they can. Before that i slept outside, that was kind of extreme. Slept at a few pools in the lounge chairs and at 24hr fitness gyms in the locker-room on the couch i also showered there. Once again i didn't have to, i could of lived with family. I was teaching myself a lesson. I finally received my break as a entrepreneur after i started reading books like crazy and changing my mindset with personal development. Then the success followed and I've been here ever since making great relationships and working with powerful entrepreneurs.I am currently a full-time entrepreneur and love to help people do the same.