John Lutter

I was born a child of the 70’s, to a plumber and a secretary. My family lived in the small farm town of Alcester, South Dakota where my father owned/operated a Hardware store and Drive Inn restaurant, both of which were as successful as most small business’ in small-town America during the 70’s.

We moved to Titusville, Florida when I was 11, and while I can't really be considered a "native Floridian" I've certainly lived here long enough to use the term "y'all" in a sentence without any problem.

In 1997, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of web development, and never looked back. I was lucky enough to have worked for some really great companies since then, and have built sites for clients like Nike, Timberland, ExxonMobil, and the Department of Defense.

Outside of work, my passion is kiteflying. Yes... Kiteflying. I've flown kites at Sea World, around cruise ships, and even in Tienanmen Square in China. My dream is to eventually open a small kite store on the beach, and sit in a lounge chair all day. Either that, or become independently wealthy and spend my time jetsetting around the world... whichever one comes first.