John Maddox


I'm a serial entreprenuer. Successfully built and sold several companies. Now transitioning into investing in tech startups. Looking for professionals who have identified problems in their industry which could be solved with a high end mobile or web application SaaS.

Here is the quick bio:

Born - Lakenheath, England (yes the country, no I don't have an accent) Moved to USA - 8/10/02

College - University of Alabama - Business and Marketing (ROLL TIDE)

Places lived - Lakenheath UK, Southery UK, Brandon UK, Cranwhich Heath UK, Littleport UK, Pensacola FL, Tuscaloosa AL, Birmingham AL, Clarksville TN, Bellevue TN, Franklin TN (Yes I have lived a lot of places)

Religious Views - Christian (no I don't have a denomination just Christian)

Political Views - Conservative (not Republican, Conservative, that means: No we shouldn't be giving money to other countries when we need it here. No we shouldn't raise taxes...ON ANYONE...PERIOD! It's ok that we are a superpower, we should be proud of it. Yes, global warming is a JOKE, wake up it's just a power grab! Nuclear power is the smartest option. No we shouldn't pollute like China, but we also shouldn't go back to the stone age to appease the dirt people.