John Matthews

New York Metro

John is an experienced independent industry analyst, media and technology writer, business analyst and strategy consultant. John is the founder and president of Comscient Group a digital media and advertising technology research and advisory services firm.

Comscient provides strategy consulting, market research, corporate development and business development advisory, market intelligence, industry insight, and M&A transaction advisory and due diligence services. Comscient also offers social media strategy audit and effectiveness evaluation, social media listening and analytics, and technology planning, vendor evaluation/selection and procurement due diligence consulting services.

John is also a senior advisor with the investment bank desilva+phillips where he advises on M&A deals for technology company in media and advertising.

John is also a senior contributing editor and writer for Insider Media LLC for which he writes about media and technology conferences and festivals for

John also freelance writes media and technology white papers, and performs freelance market intelligence, industry analysis, and strategic and commercial due diligence client assignments.





  • Education
    • BSc (Hons) in Computer Studies from Sheffield Hallam University in UK