John Milanoski

Entrepreneur, Father, and Investor in Mukilteo, Washington

John Milanoski

Entrepreneur, Father, and Investor in Mukilteo, Washington

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Entrepreneur for life, Investor, Mentor, Coach (student too), Inspirer and Lifter of others, Father of 5, Grandfather of 1, Married to High School Sweetheart (My life long mate and holder of my heart), Mastering Love, Business, Health, Friendship, Happiness, kindness!

Focus on Elegant (max benefit, minimum steps and resistance) Communication, Business, Marketing, Sales, Leadership through Action and Results. A true leader is measured by the people they have lifted.

I believe you are truly unlimited in your potential! I can demonstrate the evidence that this is true for you and any human!

I am the founder of The Customer Advantage. I believe we all will reach our true potential once we are willing to let go of all worldly things and accept that there is total abundance. You have the capacity to create all that you need and thus give all that you can!

At the minimum, give the things that you know for certain you will never run out of... Love, Forgiveness, Encouragement, Patience etc...

Life is short, your time here is quick to go, each moment is so precious and valuable. Make the best of it, Live on purpose! Be involved with something that is much bigger than you, something that will impact many around you for the better, for generations to come. Live a life that is Epic!

The Population is segmented like this… 87% are followers and living an illusion of comfort (comfort leads to stagnation and zero progress). 10% are haters (These people will fabricate ideas as to why things won’t or can’t work. They often get joy from breaking others down. Bottom line, the hater has low self esteem… Recognize them, don’t be one and avoid them if you can). The remaining 3% are the LEADERS. These are the people that create and do what most are unwilling to do. All the things that make life better for the other 97% came from Leaders/creators. They set the standard of what others eventually accept as possible. Anything is possible and that is why they do what they do.

87% are going to follow someone and it is better for all of us if it is a leader and become a leader too, Let's show the world!

Be Extraordinary (because you can)!!!

Respectfully, John Milanoski