John Muchiri

Nairobi, Kenya.

Brought up as a commander of the unarmed forces, a soldier battling a fierce life where a meal of any kind was a privelege, I learnt from so early an age about the trade called hustling. It has always been survival for the fittest. Get deep into my blog, and discover for yourself that I became a professor in life long before my tutors!

I however managed to peep into a classroom at least once in a while and one day I was discovered peeping. The teacher noticed me since it was an exams period and there were few distractions so I was ensnared and forced to sit the exam! Well,to my own disbelief, shock and even regret, I beat everybody and the teacher reported that to the administration which gave me a fully catered for scholarship. It was so painful since it reduced my hustling hours! WellI finally I found myself in a university and I regret no more. I became a professional hustler through learning Economics which has given me a tip in so many fields. Actually, I became the inventor of the hustler's dynamisms curve that helps to show the relationship between the variables sorrounding a professional hustler such as education, number of wives and children, place of residence etc in relation to his lifestyle determined by the income which is a co-factor. Besides, I managed to proof that in hustling, 1+1=11, ceteris paribus.

Well, other than that I am serious and upon realising that my country has great entertainers and sportsmen, I feel it is my responsibility to begin talent academies and then on a personal platform introduce a masters discipline in Economics of sports and Entertainment

I hope together we can co-operate to make hustling professional.

  • Work
    • ku radio, Culture and campanile magazines
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Economics