John Nordberg

Eden Prairie

What we call timeand the speed of light are the same thing. Fundamentally, everything is either a photon, or photons spinning around each other. Essentially, elementary particles are spherical clusters of photons, "balls of light." I have used my breakthroughs in physics to engineer and patent a new type of fusion energy power plant. I hope to meet interesting people, people that can help me change the world. I am looking for people to help me found my new fusion energy R & D company. I invented a technology — Desert Oasification Atmospheric Water Generators — that can extract massive amounts of water from the atmospheres over hot deserts. One of my main interests is the subject of transforming sterile desert soils into lush, healthy, carbon-rich soils. I would like to transform the Mega Lake Chad basin in Africa into a lush green environment that can provide food for people, and habitat for Africa's endangered animals. Main interests: fusion energy, clean water, healthy soils. Other interests: creating different theory of astronomy, predicting solar activity, predicting earthquakes.

  • Education
    • University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology