John Daubert

Barrington, NJ

Hi! Welcome to my John Daubert, Audio Editor Page!

Spending decades in creating, recording, engineering and mixing music, has added up to many skills being applied to editing interviews. Creating and recording music and being able to place music in spots of interviews when wanted is a plus for any editor. My experience in all aspects of editing and music has led me to work with Mike Caro and Mike Appel, (Caro: former Sony Records Musician and "Substudio" owner. Appel: former Bruce Springsteen Producer/Manager). Also, I edit weekly interviews for Robert Wenzel, at "Economic Policy Journal" dot com. Recently, Marc Clair, of "Lions Of Liberty" dot com, has a Chris Rossini interview podcast up that I edited, which in another segment, includes creative editing with music underlying a 5 minute section.

I can be hired as an Audio/Creative Editor, and/or, a studio musician for instruments of keyboard and drums. I am able to simulate any instrument using keyboards, (horns, strings, upright bass, woodwinds), and anything else any keyboard would have in it's soundbank. All with knowing and playing "the feel" for each instrument, to deliver professional results in short time.

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