Johnny Helleland

Small Business Owner, Life Coach, and Writer in Arendal, Norge

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Enjoying the freedom of work as a Digital Nomad. After many years working as a Web Designer, and now as a Shopify Expert -I also coach and teach other people on how to find their purpose in life, how to be productive on many levels, and how to break free and wake up to a new experience.

Many of my clients begin growing through starting their own blog.


With years of working freelance and my 16 years as a martial artist and trainer, I share and teach my knowledge on how to self mastery, become strong and walk attentive steps to a new reality shift!

I'm your Dimensional Shifts Mentor.

Don't struggle, just do! Be mindful, not forceful.

I work where I feel like. I embrace my Mac and feel the love in the air when I drive a Tesla.

Now and then I also do film production and fun stuff over at BlurFilm.

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