John Romano

Fort Lauderdale

A Massachusetts native, entrepreneur John Romano received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts in 1999. By that time his web development career was already in full swing. Romano has been starting successful businesses since the age of 22; he began his freelance career in 1996, maintaining websites with an emphasis on reliability, browser compatibility, and search engine optimization. Since the late 90s, Romano has gone on to found and run several successful online startups.

He is the current partner and eBusiness consultant of Breakaway Solutions, a full-service web development company providing comprehensive marketing, PR, and advertising services. In this role, Romano manages a geographically distributed team of 20-30 web, database, and algorithm developers to ensure a cutting edge web experience for business clients. He is responsible for all online marketing plans, ad design, opt-in email campaign development, and SEO strategies. Romano also employs his social media skills and knowledge of Google, Bing, and Yahoo webmaster tools to increase online visibility and sales revenue.

A resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Romano has traveled extensively and spent several years living abroad. In 2002 he founded Vacation Rental Organization, a portal for the vacation rental industry. As the general manager of the company, Romano has led the successful launch of 10 creative vacation rental portals and increased annual sales by 40 percent above plan. He operates and administers several additional ecommerce websites. In all of his business ventures, Romano strives to use his vision and leadership to make the internet industry more consolidated, more accessible, and more trusted. He is also a passionate philanthropist, dedicated to helping children in need worldwide. For more information please visit:

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