John Schibi

Automobile Industry Professional in Statesboro, Georgia

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John Schibi, a successful automotive sales executive for the past 25 years, is expanding his interests into luxury real estate. This challenge is perfect for John, who has remained at the forefront of the auto sales business for over a quarter-century.

John has received numerous awards throughout his distinguished career. He received the Honda President's Award and honors from the Board of Governors and the Southeast Toyota Award. He fondly looks back on his time with NCM Associates, when he earned his Manager Bootcamp Certificate. This 100% employee-owned, 75-year-old company is designed to help automotive leaders achieve their dreams through the use of cutting-edge business tools and structured peer-to-peer collaboration.

John Schibi is a graduate of Kennesaw State University, where he earned his business degree. He then spent over 20 years working for Ed Voyles Automotive Group in Marietta, Georgia. Over the years, he has not only become a skilled salesman, but also a talented marketer. He enjoys using Stockwave's VAuto platform to streamline the management of large automotive inventories. He continually surpasses sales goals and sets new records as he hones his strategies and adapts to changing market conditions.

In his free time, John Schibi enjoys volunteering at local nonprofit organizations. He is also a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, a nonprofit group of motorcycle riders who are dedicated to honoring fallen military heroes.