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My name is John Terry. I am Aries with Ascendant in Aquarius. Astrology has raised my interest since I was 5-6 years old when I saw a TV show with the horoscope for each zodiac. Interestingly, I kept the frame very light on a blue background, with a taped hair presenter and zodiac symbols. As the education of the Romanian family is a religious one, after discussions with the priests, I remembered that believing in the horoscope is a sin. That's why, in adolescence, despite the attraction and the very easy identification of the people around us, we have left it easier.

And that's how it comes in 2005 when, through the profession, I met more astrologers. Then, following direct interaction, a couple of rotations were set in motion. And yet I did not believe until I saw my eyes. Two friends met me with a wonderful lady who made my first chart, named Marga Vulpe. And this happens after a very tiring day at midnight. Then it was an overwhelming moment. He showed me my natal map and explained to me how it was possible for the moment about the influence of the planet's setting at the time of birth. Being a lot of new information, I have absorbed them superficially. But definitely, that night marked me. I had many occasions to get my Astrogram done, but something in me made me run. Probably the fact that I did not have the inner handbook for deciphering. The attraction was great, but at the same time I was running.

And as it happens in this lifetime, there will be events that will open your eyes on your own and figuratively, so it happened to me in 2008 when I began to realize that the planetary transits are consistent in our existence. I gave my time back and I searched for the most important moments of my life until then. We mapped every personal experience with each transit and the revelations began to flow. I first demonstrated some aspects of myself, and every time I see them in other maps, events are worthwhile. I am very pleased that my natal chart has made me know better and explain difficult situations. In addition, I learned to forgive and forgive, to have patience, and not to fight with the offer of the Universe.

I am not the karmic lesson but the facts that help you live here and here. Prejudices and labels easily disappear from my mind and do everything I can to understand someone's actions. If I do not fully understand, at least accept it. The main question I get is: what did that happen because planet x passed through that house?