John Tropea

Hatch Associates
10,000+ design, engineering, project management, etc...
Energy, infrastructure and mining sectors

Input and reviewed Change Agents Worldwide paper - Toward Higher Rates of Adoption for Social Business Platforms through Adaptation and Exaptation

Facilitating employee online communities of practice - Melbourne KM Leadership Group Sep 2013

Contributor to the Constellation Research Report - From Simple Sharing to Purposeful Collaboration

Enterprise 2.0 Apps - An interview in Information Advisor Dec 2011

Challenges of Adoption - An expert panel at Open Text Content World 2010

Participation in Communities of Practice

KM in context

Harnessing the benefits of online Communities of Practice - KM for the Energy , Engineering and Resources Sectors 2009

KM Review - When Two Worlds Collide - A journal article in KM Review Sep 2008

How to make sense in the workplace by transforming the enterprise into a conversation network - Australian Geoscience Information Association Breakfast 2008

Social graph searching - The Information Advisor Knowledge Management Supplement 2007