John Wahl

New York, Ney York

John Wahl is a professional in the food & beverage industry who is known for his skill in cultivating and developing start-up companies into well-known brands. Some of these brands include PowerBar, Boca Burger and Odwalla, which were later bought out by large companies such as Nestlé, Kraft and Coca-Cola, respectively. Utilizing his networking abilities and company alliances, John has brought these brands to Club, Mass and Natural food sectors of the business.

John has extensives sales experience, having managed a number of teams, groups of employees and nation-wide sales for businesses. He also has helped to grow sales revenue for a number of companies by way of direct sales presentations and networking within the industry.

John has a strong background in all aspect of the sales process, from management, to operations, to shipping and importing, to overall logistics. He has successfully managed brokers and distributors, has handled merchandising and pricing of products and has facilitated the extension of new product lines in order to expand and further develop the brand.

John is currently the Director of National Sales at Mamma Chia, an organic food company that began in Carlsbad, California. Over the past two and a half years, John has worked alongside the company's founder, Janie Hoffman, in order to launch the company from the west coast to the east coast, establishing what is now a nation-wide brand that is available at food distributors such as Safeway, Kroger and Costco.

  • Work
    • Director of National Sales for Mamma Chia
  • Education
    • BA from Northwood University