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Big Blue Robot - Tips, Tricks, and Often Forgotten Ideas About Having a Personal Name Pop Up on Google

Business professionals have a personal responsibility to maintain how they appear online. The more general their name is, the harder it becomes to keep the junk out of the search engines. Search engines do not choose a side. Google will search whatever it finds best, and it is up to the users and the community to report when something is off-kilter, wrong, and blasphemous. We spoke to Big Blue Robot recently and got some tips.

Yes, Google has a very advanced algorithm that can help things along, but the algorithm is not pitch-perfect. Also, it may not keep subjectively bad content out of the search engines. Below are a few strategies to keep a name fresh in the search engines, and to keep the bad stuff distanced and far apart.JohnDoe.It is as s simple as buying a first and last name commercial site. Buy your name, first and last, so no one else does. That person with the same name may be an enthusiast of anything- good or bad. They could also park their own content on the site, leaving the other person to scramble for another name. Unfortunately, visitors typing in your first and last name will almost always find that site in the top of the searches.

Flag Factually Wrong Content

Don Sorenson from Big Blue Robot offers a few more tips on what to do when you see incorrect information online. Anything about a person that is factually wrong, stolen, or deceptive, can be flagged to Google. Send them a personal message and explain the situation. Smart business professionals know that they can be a victim of a personal attack. It could even be a business attack. A competing brand may want to write a fluff piece degrading a leader in their competing business. This is extremely common in reviews. Though it is morally wrong and legally gray, the problem persists.Park the Name Every where Users should have their name in every major social media feed. They should also continuing branching out to other rising popular social feeds in case they become the next big thing. Proactively staying on top of these things may seem excessive for some, but it shields against dissenting customers, aggressive competition.

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