Jolie Engelbrecht


Energetic. Fun. Analytical. Creative. Spiritual. Realistic.Extrovert. Introvert. Bookish. Innovator. Caring. Loving. A Princess. Hardworking.Imaginative. Focused.

Any and all of these can be used to describe me. The truth is we can all be a mixture of things depending on the time and the circumstances. I am a Life and Executive Coach and a Certified FISH! Philosophy ™ facilitator I am also currently developing some NEW workshops which I am excited about. I am passionate about helping people to create better lives in a way that is attainable and sustainable.

Territory Director for Healthy Wealthy & Wise's New Wealth Creation Coaching Program... a worldwide program that educates and inspires wealth in all areas of your life.

I am a big believer in Attraction + Action.

~The Law of Attraction is incredible but you must help to create the momentum behind it.