Jon Lybrook

Boulder, Colorado, United States

Coming from a photography and performing arts background, Jon Lybrook creates fine photogravure prints from polymer, as well as colorful abstractions painting on film with photochemistry to create what are called Luminograms. He has worked as a Stage Manager in theater, Production Engineer in the field of Genetic Information Systems, and currently works as a Web Developer, and Unix System Administrator with his company Tera Bear Consulting.

Jon Lybrook also owns and manages Intaglio Editions Fine Art Printmaking which provides high-resolution intaglio plates from polymer and photogravure editioning.

Another other technical endeavor which he manages is WordSecure, which provides secure messaging services to individuals and organizations requiring strong, yet easy-to-use encryption on-line.

Jon Lybrook is married and has lived in Boulder Colorado since 1993. He is available for contract work as well as consultations in fine intaglio printmaking, polymer photogravure, secure web application development, UNIX system administration, and Google search engine optimization.

  • Work
    • Web Application Development and Fine Printmaking
  • Education
    • B.A. Film Studies, Bard College, Annondale-on-Hudson, NY